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5 Ways to Attract Top Construction Talent
A solid, well-trained workforce is the backbone of any company. Ironically, this is the area where many construction companies flounder. All too often, companies use the same old methods to try to reach top candidates, or they take too long to follow up with candidates — and those candidates go with another opportunity. Some companies simply don’t have a strategic hiring process in place.

Featured Candidates

Traveling Superintendent Road Warrior ---- Has been the lead Superintendent on a variety of projects up to $120M. His project list includes several types of Commercial Projects to Military/Federal. Willing to travel just about anywhere for the right opportunity.
To learn more, call John Gignac 248.647.7766 ext. 1891

Very respected Senior PM open to a career change for the right opportunity. Very diversified project list from that range that from, several Healthcare projects up to $50M, Educational projects up to $60M and Multi-Family Residential up to $18M. 20 years of industry experience.  Candidate is open to relocation. Salary expectations, $100,000 + based on location.
To learn more, call Nikki Aluia 248.647.7766 ext. 1904

Oil & Gas Field Facilities PM willing to relocate. Excellent background with strong references. He started as an operator in the field and has worked his way up to one of the most respected managers in his current organization.  If you need someone that can keep projects moving forward this is your guy.  Base salary expectation $135K-165K depending on location.
To learn more, call Jody Carr 248.647.7766 ext. 1902

Big Box Traveling Superintendent seeking a better opportunity. 16 years’ experience, including 8 years with his current company.  Project list includes Wal-Mart (ground up, expansions & remodels), Home Depot, Lowes Kroger & much more.
To learn more, call John Gignac 248.647.7766 ext. 1891

Strategies to Build a Strong Construction Team
Building a high performing construction team takes careful thought and strategizing. In addition to hiring talented construction professionals, you need to train each team member to have the right combination of skills so that they are performing at their best. This includes developing their ability to collaborate, concentrate, and manage their stress. READ MORE

Focus on What Sets You Apart When Hiring
From the moment a candidate arrives for an interview, they are assessing the company’s culture. Everything from the way they are greeted to the firmness of the first handshake can influence how they perceive the company and its culture. One of the most important goals during the interview process is to accurately express to candidates why your company culture is a step above your competition’s.

Talk About Your X-Factor: How to Craft Your Company's Story
Don’t overlook the power of telling a compelling company story. It can work like a magnet that pulls candidates toward opportunities with your firm. The most talented, experienced candidates are often being recruited by several different construction recruiters, and when they can’t decide which one to work for, many of them choose the company with the most powerful success story. READ MORE

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