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Is Hiring Great Construction
Talent Your Top Priority?
It can be easy for hiring managers to put the hiring process on cruise control and forget about the urgent need to keep top talent. You may find that you fall into a routine and go through the motions to simply fill positions when they are open. Yet, we know from statistics that this is not a winning long-term strategy for construction firms. You need to always be scouting out the best talent.


New Construction Salary Survey
This is an exciting time in the world of construction. 2019 is projected to be a record year for U.S. construction spending. With this rapid turnaround over the past few years, many Construction General Contractors are being forced to reevaluate their construction salaries to stay competitive.

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5 Ways CEOs and Other Entrepreneurs Can Attract the Top Talent They Need
No matter what industry you’re in or how large your team is, talent will play a crucial role in your company’s success or failure. This year, according to Worldcomm Group, there was a 43 percent jump in the number of CEOs and business leaders who prioritize talent in their organizations, and for good reason. READ MORE

How Hiring Managers Can Convey a Sense of Stability for Candidates
One of the biggest challenges construction leadership has when it comes to winning over candidates is conveying a sense of stability. This is especially true if the candidate you’re after already has a job. Construction professionals are looking for job security, but construction work is unique in that it often involves relocation which can be daunting to a prospective candidate. READ MORE
Mobile Technology has Improved Communication and Time Management at Construction Sites
The rapid evolution of technology has redefined almost every industry out there. Whether it’s faster customer service, more secure data protection, or more refined internal communications, the latest hardware and software have rebuilt sector after sector from the ground up. READ MORE

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