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Military Veterans in Construction
As commercial construction recruiting firms continue to look for new ways to solve the labor shortage impacting the industry, a growing number of search consultants are reaching out to military veterans to fill vacant construction jobs. Not only are military veterans taking the oath of enlistment to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, many of them are also signing up to help rebuild the infrastructure of America.


New Construction Salary Survey
This is an exciting time in the world of construction. 2019 is projected to be a record year for U.S. construction spending. With this rapid turnaround over the past few years, many Construction General Contractors are being forced to reevaluate their construction salaries to stay competitive.

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How 3-D Printing Could Break into the Building Industry
Since Spain opened the first 3-D–printed pedestrian bridge in 2016, the push for printed architecture seems to be accelerating. Shanghai inaugurated the world’s longest printed concrete bridge in January, and the first-ever printed steel span is set to cross a canal in Amsterdam this year. READ MORE

FMI Releases North American Q1 2019 Construction Outlook
FMI Corp., a provider of management consulting and investment banking services to engineering and construction, infrastructure and the built environment, recently released of its first quarter 2019 construction outlook. READ MORE

Announcing ENR's 2019 National Top 20 Under 40 List
Every year, each of ENR’s 10 regional editions honors the best of the next generation of construction industry professionals with the Top Young Professionals competition. And for the third year in a row, ENR honors a new class of national winners. READ MORE

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