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Wait, Where Did Our New Hire Go? -
The Wall Street Journal featuring TBG
It should be any job seeker’s dream: You’re looking for a job and three offers land in your lap. Or maybe you’re not even looking and a rival company tries to recruit you.

"Congratulations. You did everything right," career coach Teri Coyne tells clients facing such situations. Few feel like celebrating, however. "Instead, they’re like, ‘I am under so much stress right now,’ " she says.


New Construction Salary Survey
This is an exciting time in the world of construction. 2019 is projected to be a record year for U.S. construction spending. With this rapid turnaround over the past few years, many Construction General Contractors are being forced to reevaluate their construction salaries to stay competitive.

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6 Easy Ways to Fast-Track Your Career -
Fast Company feat. The Birmingham Group
As members of Generation Z are graduating from college and entering the workforce, many have already set their sights on moving up the career ladder—and fast. READ MORE

10 Onboarding Tips that Set Your Employees Up from Success -
United Rentals authored by Brian Binke
Hiring the most talented candidates is only the first step toward being successful in the construction industry. Top construction firms also have extremely potent onboarding strategies. Many companies fail to recognize the importance of the first 90 days for new employees. READ MORE
Making up for the construction labor shortage with technology
In spite of recovering major ground after the Great Recession, the construction industry is still facing troubling skilled labor shortages, with a lack of qualified candidates stepping up to take over the positions once held by industry veterans nearing retirement age. READ MORE

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